Ik was jong, dan wil je wel wat

KIZ is the pseudonym for Edwin Kisman, born in Manado (Indonesia). A self-made cartoonist since 1957. Educated as a organic chemist.

Was influenced by illustrators and cartoonists like André François, Giles, Saul Steinberg and Ronald Searle.

Uses KIZ as signature, after MAZ (Alfred Mazure) the illustrator of the judoka Dick Bos.

Draw formerly with a black felt tip. Sketched, scanned and vectorized the sketches and then colored them digitally. Nowadays he draws the cartoons directly on an iPad using 53 Paper, Tayasui or Noteshelf and an Apple Pencil.

He published mainly in Dutch newspapers and magazines, but also in some Scandinavian and one Spanish weekly. Illustrated 20 highschool chemistry textbooks to visualize abstract chemical principles. Visualized also scientific information (Sciencegraphics).
 A selection of his cartoons are displayed on this website.

KIZ cartoons were published in

Period 1956-1975

Algemeen Handelsblad (daily newspaper), Het Parool (daily newspaper), Het Vrije Volk (daily newspaper), Folia Civitatis (University Monthly), Propria Cures (Student Monthly), Nereus Memorial Book, ASC Studenten Almanak, NBBS brochure (travel), Faedrelandsvennen (newspaper Norway), La Codorniz (monthly Spain)

Period 1976- 1995

Chemistry text books for High Schools (Wolters Noordhoff, Malmberg), Chemisch Weekblad, Chemisch Magazine, Polytechnisch Tijdschrift, Economenblad, Nord Emballage (monthly Sweden), Mibiton (yearly  report), DPI (research proposal), KIWA (brochure), Teleac Energy (course book), Wolters Kluwer Nederland (bulletins) , VPGI (bulletin)

Recent 1996 -2018
Vakblad (monthly), Equal (ESF project), Connected (Casema), Regie van Fantasie (flyer), XLinks (quarterly polymer chemistry), C2W (bimonthly), Safety (SDU), Klikt ‘t of klikt het niet? (ibook), Vakblad.info (blog) and ordered by individual clients


Find more about him in his Linkedin profile
Read also his blog about cartoons on Vakblad.info

Contact information

Edwin Kisman
Zuidersingel 56A
2651AK Berkel en Rodenrijs,
The Netherlands